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Instantcoins.ng is not just a website to exchange bitcoins, ethereum and perfect money, but a FINTECH that has changed the game of exchange with it's automated exchange system, we have been featured on top tech websites and blogs all over Nigeria. Naijaloaded , Lindaikeji , Techcabal etc have all featured our articles you can click on each website names to read them yourself. We are also a regisered business licensed to do business in Nigeria. Our minimum sell limit is also $1 which gives you the chance to try out our automated system and see how fast we credit you, when we say fast we do not mean minutes fast but seconds. It is unbelievable which is why we want you to take action and have this experience.
To register on instantcoins.ng and start exchanging coins you need to go to the registration page here fill in your details and click Register.
You can buy and sell bitcoins, ethereum and perfect money.
All trades are instantly completed by our automated systems, there is no human effort from our side and no delays or wait time, if you sell coins you get credited to your bank account instantly, if you buy coins you get it sent to your wallet instantly too, it is all fully automated.
All transactions completed on our website are instant, this means that money is sent to your bank account immediately a transaction is marked as completed, in some cases your bank may not send you sms alert but your bank account has been credited. All you need to do is check your balance at the ATM or mobile app.
Trading paxful bitcoin with us makes you pay zero wallet fees for life, this means that you will not have to ever pay for fees when sending from your paxful wallet. To trade your paxful coins you will be directed to paxful.com where you would be instructed to confirm the amount of bitcoin you wish to sell to be sent to us.
We do not have working hours, our website is online 24/7 365 days all year round, our system is fully automated and can credit your bank account any day and any time even on public holidays and weekends, money gets to your bank account in seconds.